Sunday, June 28, 2020



A Poem by ChidiJ

I shan't worry about saving my career right now.

I shan't worry about saving the world right now. 

What's so wrong with just focusing on me and my children right now?

What's so wrong with focusing on what I actually want for me for a change?

I choose to be the mother I've always dreamed I could be.

My children didn't ask to be born. 

I am obligated to raise them well,

Not pass them off to someone else while I pursue "not looking defeated" by maxing out my potential, or getting a bigger house, or making more money. 

But why do I judge me so harshly for taking a stand for something that I believe in?

I choose Me.

Not the "usual", 

Not the "norm", 

Not the unspoken "tradition". 

I choose Me

Like so many others who have walked the road less travelled.

I choose Me,

To listen to my heart,

To do what's right for Me.

I choose to offer my children first-hand love;

Not, second-hand love.

For like smoke, it can kill the unsuspecting childhood.

I choose to hear my children. 

They have so much to tell, so much insight,

If I would just take that moment to listen;

To listen now while they are still tender enough to want my undivided attention. 

For soon they will leave the nest and take their hearts and voices with them.

Then the moment would have past.

A mother's ultimate regret.

I choose to live life to the fullest.

I choose My life,

Not yours, 

Not your well meaning expectations.

Yes, I choose my life on my own terms.

I choose to be fearless to be Me!

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

I choose to be Me today.


Treat yourself!

photo by @august-de-richelieu