Tuesday, July 14, 2020

More Equal Than Others

More Equal Than Others

A poem by ChidiJ

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others -

George Orwell.

When she is born, there is sincere jubilation. 

But a secret wish that this newborn baby should have been a boy lingers beneath the surface.

Her value is already determined, already inferior.

If she had older sisters, then their value would plummet even more with her birth.

Why is there no male child? They would now ask openly. 

The message here is clear - there is no worth placed on the female child.

From birth, she is groomed to neither succeed her parents nor their wealth. 

No, she has no future here. She is groomed to be sent away. 

Already, her name lays waste, not to be engraved on the family stone; 

why bother, she does not belong here. 

Privileged Intel is withheld, inheritance too. 

Why bother, this girl does not need property, 

she is just a transient member in her "father's house".

And when she is "of age", she is sold to the highest bidder, 

exchanged for cowries and a cow that will never match her true worth.

Alas, her name, her only identity, her only sacred possession, is stripped from her. 

Belonging now to her new owner, she must take on his identity.

This is the last step to fully reprogram her for her new assignment,

her new post in her “husband's house”. 

She will never be allowed to own herself.  

And her children, not bearing her father’s name,

may not be considered as full fledged grandchildren in her "father’s house".

My name is Chidinma Jenny Chikezie, formally Iroezi.

I was born into the female body. 

I did not choose to be, I was never given a choice. 

I was taught to eat, bathe, read, like every other child, I suppose.

It always seemed like my audience was surprised by my success at seemingly mundane tasks. 

But, why so surprised?

Women have been triumphing alongside men since the beginning of time.

The Bible says we are all created in the image of God.

When did the female creation get reassigned to be less equal?

There needs to be:

A culture shift. 

A re-education. 

A righting.


Equal rights for women, like charity, begins at home.

Value your daughters at home and the world outside will.

Photo by JJ Jordan from Pexels