Wednesday, January 6, 2021



(INFJ means introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. It is one of the 16 personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).)

A poem by ChidiJ.

INFJ traits be killin' me!

Calculating, re-calculating

Planning, re-planning.

It has to be perfect. 

But no one, as we know, is actually perfect.

I know this oh too well.

'Cuz these INFJ traits be killin' me!


Rare, they say I am.

Deep, way too deep to be real.

My reality always a step behind,

Catches up, but not fast enough to the world around me.


Always an outcast, 

Foreign even amongst my own kinsmen.

Finding my way to loneliness and to pure bliss,

My unfortunate paradise in peace awaits.


So mysterious. 

Oh if they only knew

The thoughts that cross this crown of mine.

Too wild at times not to sound like a screw last night came loose.

Visions of tomorrow already lay bare at my mind's doorstep.

The future is but a thought away.

Prophesy sista!


There really is nothing wrong with me.

I, who loves so deeply,

But love I'll always dread.

How I hated to have had those silly crushes in my teens and on.

The pain of loving so completely was predictably unbearable.

Clear insights of young love's frangibility, 

Unkindly and always crushed my girlish fantasies.

Depriving me of innocent moments of pleasure much needed.


So rich and so poor.

The longing to love so strong,

Yet the need for aloneness even stronger.

Like a human chimera, I am two in one.

For I am me and there's another me too.


The blessing and the curse.

The gift and the punishment.

The joy and the pain.

The love and the hate.

The future in the present.

The two faced coin.


I pity you as much as I admire you.

Your rare beauty can be ugly and ravaging.

INFJ, my dearest INFJ.

You are here to stay, please don't go.

Your insight refreshes the soul.

And your unapologetic love heals the land.

So, keep your head up.

Push your chest out.

Stand tall, unwavering.

We wouldn't have you any other way.

For such is life and its rare gifts.

Therefore I must

Rock on!

Photo by Jonas Mats from Pexels