Monday, April 20, 2020



A Poem By ChidiJ

It was a quiet Monday morning,
And I found myself “Divorced”!

Who am I?
Am I now one of those women who cannot submit to her husband?
Am I a woman so overdriven with ambition and pride that she cannot set a man above herself?
Am I a modern day woman, too educated to run a home?
Am I too educated to be domesticated?
Am I a male woman, not feminine enough to be loved?
Am I a bad mother, depriving her children of the ideal home and a father?

Who am I?
Who do you think I am?

I am a woman who decided that enough is enough.
I am a woman who can take a stand for what is right.
I am a woman who can challenge the status quo.
I am a woman who sees what needs to be done and does it.
I am a woman beaten down but who still rises up and conquers.
I am a woman living in reality, not accepting any more lies.
I am a woman afraid, but unafraid to reclaim her happiness.
I am a woman educated and still motivated to keep growing in knowledge and life.
I am a woman on a mission to change the world.
I am a woman who has sacrificed her life for her children.
I am a woman with over a decade’s worth of invaluable marital experience.

I am a woman divorced… 
I am rising above all odds.

Hear my victory chant…
I am Strong, Proud, Beautiful, Fearless!
I am Strong, Proud, Beautiful, Fearless!
I am Strong, Proud, Beautiful, Fearless!
Respect my worth!


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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